Construction You Can Count On!!

HR Construction is dedicated to provide a remodeling experience of the highest quality. Whether you simply desire to renovate your kitchen, add a bedroom, upgrade a bathroom, or construct the entire house, we will make it happen.

We work hard to assure that assignments are completed efficiently, and with a minimum of mess and disruption. We have lots of experience and are the best construction company at the Bronx. We pledge to utilize that experience and knowledge to help you manifest your vision.

Before you begin any construction or renovations of your residence, make certain to give us a call because we have a variety of designs, blueprints, and material on how to assist you with the best plan of kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement remodeling or roofing services. Since the materials of the past may have asbestos, there are some essential things you should be aware of, and we can make you knowledgeable conveniently and quickly.

When you want the right tile and the right paint and materials to correlate the rest of your house, you can count on us. Our distinct range of ordering guides and catalogs will show you some of the most basic to the most luxurious renovation materials. When you need something done with your bathroom, kitchen, roof or anything, we are here to assist you and you can find all the services in one convenient location, so rest assured if you have a renovation project we can help.